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Katana Bitsとは

Katana Bitsは2010年にDizzi Mysticaによって設立された日本のサンプルライブラリーブランドです。

Katana Bitsでは日本のクラブシーンで活躍している クラブミュージックアーティストと共に最新の流行をサンプルライブラリーという形を通じて発信するのを目的としています。



How about Katana Bits

About Katana Bits: It was established by Dizzi Mystica in 2010 as a Japanese Sample Library Brand.
The name comes from Japanese symbol "Katana" and digital "Bit".

Katana Bits has aimed to think that it wants to offer the sample library that a creator all over the world can use more creatively with a club music artist active by the club scene in Japan, and to send the trends of the latest music through shape of sample library.

We have a lot of experience and would like to share creative artists ideas, technologies and production activities thats has been collected for a long time.
Rather than sharing it through paper or finished materials, we would like to share "sound" that was chosen to be the most imortant and easy to understand for other creators.
The reason for our inspiration is the ability to provide support and give some tips for Club music creators. The overall contribution is that we can continue to develop a rapidly changing club music, make progress and increse its popularity around the World.



Dizzi Mystica




Art Direction:
12d (Yonosuke Yasuda)